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The Philosopher's Stoneground

Santa Cruz
The Philosopher's Stoneground is a craft nut butter company. We nourish people and planet with our stone ground coconut butter, sprouted almond butter, and chocolate versions of both, all made in small batches in Santa Cruz. 

Our mission is to create delicious, nutritious, ethical, and ecological food that nourishes all life through its cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and consumption. Our vision is that all business promotes the flourishing of all organisms and ecosystems!

All of our ingredients are Certified Organic and meticulously sourced. We create ketogenic, paleo, raw, and vegan nut butters that gluten-free, peanut-free, and sweetener-free, made in our allergen-free dedicated production facility in Santa Cruz. Don’t worry; we have your health, the health of workers all along the supply chain, and the health of the planet in mind. We exist to create the best nut butters possible, on all levels, for all beings!

Our sprouted almond butters feature unpasteurized, truly raw almonds from Spain, which have been grown using dry-farming methodology, a traditional water-sustainable and regionally-adapted approach to almond agriculture. We are the first drought-conscious almond butter company and intend to continue pioneering this path so that you don't need to feel guilty in your choice to eat almonds.

We are water-conscious in another crucial way: all of our products are sprouted with spring water from the Santa Cruz Mountains. This is the key to bringing the almonds to their fullest vibrancy. Chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and other pollutants common to modern municipal water sources should not make their way into your body via drinking or eating. Filtered water is stripped of most of these pollutants, but also most minerals and life-force.

You can see the difference between almonds that have been soaked in filtered tap water versus spring water - the color is deeper and richer with spring water. As any good baker knows, it is best to use living spring water to allow the fermentation and flavor alchemy of bread-making to happen. Similarly, spring water soaking creates unparalleled flavor in sprouted almond butter. Compare our sprouted almond butter to other brands and you will feel the difference!


Why sprouted?

Our bodies aren't designed to ingest dormant or roasted nuts and seeds (or grains and beans). These are high in phytic acid, which acts as an enzyme inhibitor and anti-nutrient.

Sprouting the seeds and nuts before we stone grind them into butter naturally eliminates phytic acid, which is only there in the first place to store phosphorous until the seed is ready to grow. Sprouting makes food that is sweeter, more digestible, and more nutritious. We think, therefore we sprout!

Our biggest goal as a company is to create a network of Regenerative Agriculture orchards from which to source our ingredients. This style of agriculture features polycultures of perennial plants in cooperation with animals and year-round bee populations that increase biological productivity, soil fertility, nutrient density, and carbon absorption.

Each purchase helps us achieve our mission. We also welcome connections to land, people, and resources to help make this vision a reality.


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