Philosopher Foods

Philosopher Foods

Santa Cruz, CA

Philosopher Foods started in a home kitchen seeking to make delicious and nutritious sprouted almond butter for friends and housemates. They have since expanded their product lines and are meticulously sourcing their ingredients from farms that incorporate the best agricultural, social, and animal welfare practices they can find.

Philosopher Foods produce its products in the unceded territory of the Awaswas-speaking Uypi Tribe, presently known as Santa Cruz, CA. They are working toward having a fully Regenerative Organic Certified™ (ROC™) product line by the fall of 2022. Currently, their Coconut Butter and Chocolate Coconut Butter are the first ROC™ coconut butters on the market.

All of our Certified Organic nut butters are the first and only nut butters to also be certified Glyphosate Residue Free. Most of their products are Keto friendly, Paleo, and Whole 30 compatible. There is no such thing as GMO almonds or coconut, so they are non-GMO too!

Philosopher Foods' mission is to create delicious, nutritious, ethical, and ecological food that nourishes all life through its cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and consumption.

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