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Organic "Creamy Alchemy" Sprouted Almond Butter

16 oz
$2.12 / oz
Organic "Creamy Alchemy" Sprouted Almond Butter

Product Details

Ingredients: sprouted unpasteurized Spanish almonds*, cold-pressed coconut oil*, Fair Trade vanilla extract*  (using cane sugar alcohol so it's gluten-free), ancient seabed salt. (* = organic ingredient)

Shelf Life: good for 1.5 years from production date. Refrigeration not recommended (decreases flavor, thickens texture, and decreases shelf life because of moisture).

Allergen Statement: Contains Tree Nuts. May contain almond shell fragments.

Processed in dedicated peanut-free and gluten-free facility.

Nutrition Facts: Serving size 2 Tbsp (32 g), Servings per container 16, Amount per serving: Calories 190, Calories from fat 150, Total fat 17 g (26% DV), Saturated fat, 3.5 g (18% DV), Sodium 20 mg (1% DV), Total carbohydrate 6g (2% DV), Dietary fiber 4g (16%DV), Sugars 1g, Protein 6g, Calcium (8% DV) , Iron (6% DV). Not a significant source of trans fat, cholesterol, vitamin A and vitamin C. Percent daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


Creamy Alchemy is the silkiest of the smooth almond butters on the planet. It will not stick to the roof of your mouth, but rather glide over your tongue, drinkable straight out of the jar. 

The naturally sweeter flavor of the sprouted organic almonds is magically infused over the course of a 12 hour stone grinding process with coconut oil, vanilla, and ancient seabed salt. This creates emergent layers of flavor that meld into a decadent mouth experience.

Excellent for lathering on toast with honey and sea salt, pairing with your favorite fruit, mixing in granola with milk or yogurt, and for drizzling on ice cream! More recipes can be found on our website

Sprouting makes almonds sweeter, more digestible, and more nutritious. Sprouting the almonds and low-temperature dehydrating them before we stone grind them naturally eliminates phytic acid, which acts as an enzyme inhibitor and anti-nutrient in our bodies. We think, therefore we sprout!

Our sprouted almond butters feature unpasteurized, truly raw almonds from Spain, which have been grown using dry-farming, a traditional water-sustainable and regionally-appropriate approach to almond agriculture.

We are the first drought-adapted almond butter company and are continuing to pioneer this path so that you can feel great about your choice to eat almonds! We are water-conscious in another crucial way: all of our products are sprouted with pure spring water from the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Fair Trade vanilla ensures ethical livelihoods, unlike other brands that use non-Fair Trade vanilla, which may have come from exploitative labor conditions.

We made a public 9-point Climate Commitment with The Climate Collaborative to implement meaningful actions to reverse climate change.

We have your health, the health of workers throughout the supply web, and the health of the planet in mind. We exist to create the best nut butters possible, on all levels, for all beings! That's why our motto is: Intelligent Nourishment for Life.

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Philosopher Foods
Santa Cruz, CA
Philosopher Foods nourishes people and the planet with craft nut butter using small-batch stone grinding, a food preparation technique older than civilization, with unique flavors and textures.Read more