M&P Gastronomy

M&P Gastronomy

Menlo Park, CA

Mark and Philip are passionate about discovering and creating great-tasting foods (Gastronomy) that are made from healthy ingredients (Better for You). A life-defining event for both Mark and Philip was losing their dads at a young age to heart disease because they (like many people) were tempted by delicious but unhealthy foods that contained too many calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol. M&P Gastronomy's mission is to help families avoid the same struggle while still enjoying delicious meals.

M&P Gastronomy is driven to change this paradigm and to give you better everyday choices. They vow to only bring people products they are convinced are truly delicious and would regularly serve it to their closest friends and family. They're dedicated to making healthier eating more enjoyable and accessible.

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Tortillas & Flatbreads

Rise & Puff Gluten-Free Tortilla
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