Community Grains

Community Grains

Community Grains was founded in 2010 when Oliveto Restaurant co-owner, Bob Klein was seeking to source California grown wheat for the restaurant's handmade pasta. Discovering a number of bakers and chefs who were similarly interested as well as farmers curious about including grains in their rotations, Community Grains began with the mission to help build a local grain economy here in the Bay Area. Along the way we ended up creating a line of beautiful pantry staples that exemplify the Community Grains philosophy:

  • Delicious Food—We offer flour with great texture, performance and flavor characteristics, challenging common assumptions about whole grain food.
  • True Whole Grain—All our products include the grain in its entirety and are shelf stable. Our grains are milled without ever separating the germ, bran, and endosperm in accordance with Our Whole Grain Standard.
  • Transparency and full information—Grains in California are almost entirely found within an industrial structure. Carving out an alternative local grain economy in part depends on trusting in the values of transparency and full information, so we are about information—lots of it.
  • Local—All our grains and products are 100% grown and milled in California. We continue to create and maintain relationships between farms, millers, bakers, cooks, expanding our community and sharing knowledge. We hope to help facilitate the establishment of small scale grain economies in other regions as well through education & shared experience.

Community Grains is thrilled to be able to offer our whole-grain pastas and heirloom beans through Good Eggs as a continuation of our belief in fostering relationships that help to empower eaters & support our local community.

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