Spring Hill Jersey Cheese

Spring Hill Jersey Cheese

Petaluma, CA
Being a cheese maker has been Larry Peter's lifelong dream come true. All Spring Hill cheeses come from Larry's small herd of Jersey cows raised in Sonoma County's historic dairy community of Petaluma. Jersey cows produce the richest, highest butterfat milk, resulting in the best tasting, creamiest cheeses. 

From January through July, Spring Hill's 400 Jersey cows graze freely on the area's lush, fog-kissed coastal grasses, giving Spring Hill's farmstead cheese a very special "taste of place" that cannot be duplicated. The other half of the year, the cattle are fed silage (fermented oats, white oats, fava beans, bell beans, and rye grass) grown at the dairy. No growth hormones, no additives, no preservatives, and no animal rennet are used in the cheese and dairy production and all Spring Hill Jersey Cheese products are certified organic by CCOF and the USDA.

Larry's recent purchase of Petaluma Creamery will provide a facility for other local dairies to process their milk into value added products, helping to preserve West County's open space and important agricultural traditions.
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