Cliff McFarlin Organics

Cliff McFarlin Organics

Orosi, CA

The foothills surrounding our organic fruit farm east of Highway 99 practically sing in the subtle winter sunshine. Soft clouds hang low, keeping the hilltops mysteriously enshrouded and making the whole farm feel like it’s being tucked in for a cozy night’s sleep. Our ranch has a few feet of elevation on the rest of the valley below so the more fragile of the citrus fruits, mandarin’s and lemons in particular, have a few acres of safe haven from the freezing winter temperatures of the valley.

Cliff, father of three and grandfather to five, has a few generations of farming under his belt. He grew up near Dinuba and he and his wife Susan raised their family there, three boys.

Our organic oranges, tangelos, and lemons add a burst of bright color to your life! We grow over 150 varieties!

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