Root Down Farm

Root Down Farm

Pescadero, CA

Root Down Farm is a female-owned livestock operation located in beautiful Pescadero, California, just one hour south of San Francisco. Dede Bois and her team pasture-raises pigs, turkeys, ducks and two breeds of slower growth chickens. Their goal is to raise the healthiest animals possible while responsibly stewarding the land, improving soil health, and producing honest and nutritious meat. 

The animals at Root Down Farm have plenty of room to roam in the California sunshine, snacking on the grass, bugs, and seeds that make up 20-30% of their diet (plus organic, non-GMO grain), and are never given synthetic hormones. As the animals are rotationally grazed through their pastures, the land is fertilized by the manure, and the scratching and rooting of the animals helps to distribute seeds, increase soil cover, reduce erosion, and sequester carbon.

Root Down Farm is a part of an ongoing partnership between Good Eggs and Kitchen Table Advisors (KTA), focused on helping to support the diverse next generation of sustainable small farms and ranches that feed the Bay Area. KTA is a Bay Area-based non-profit offering farmers and ranchers in Northern California business advising and practical financial tools. They work primarily with individuals who are social and environmental change-makers—in particular, female farmers, immigrant farmers, and farmers of color. Together with KTA and Root Down Farm, we are fueling long-term economic viability for our sustainable food system and providing a critical market connection to hungry eaters who are passionate about good food.

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