Nemi Snacks

Nemi Snacks

Chicago, IL

Nemi Snacks is more than a brand; it's a tribute to the rich tapestry of Mexican culture and a beacon of sustainability and community empowerment. Founded on the principles of authenticity, freshness, and respect for the environment, Nemi brings a piece of Mexico City to the global stage, challenging stereotypes and celebrating the true essence of Mexican food traditions.

The journey of Nemi Snacks began when its founder moved from Mexico City to Chicago and found the portrayal of Mexican food in grocery stores unrecognizable and steeped in clichés. Determined to showcase the real Mexico she knew—one bursting with life, colors, and joy—she created Nemi Snacks. The brand's sombrero-free identity and focus on healthy, vibrant flavors aim to share "un poquito de México" with the world, honoring the food traditions rooted in family kitchens and ancient Aztec villages.

Named after the Náhuatl word for "to live," Nemi reflects a deep reverence for life and nourishment inherent in Mexican culture. This ethos is embedded in the choice of nopales as a key ingredient, celebrated for its sustainability and nutritional value. Nopales thrive with minimal water, making them an ideal crop for promoting environmental sustainability and supporting the small, independent Mexican farmers Nemi partners with.

Furthermore, Nemi Snacks is committed to social impact, challenging industry norms by empowering women of color to take on roles traditionally reserved for men and contributing monthly donations to nonprofits dedicated to food justice. This commitment to community, sustainability, and deliciousness defines Nemi Snacks as not just a brand, but a movement towards a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future.

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