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Nemi Snacks

Cinnamon Churro Cactus Sticks

1.7 oz
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Cinnamon Churro Cactus Sticks

Product Details

One 1.7 oz bag

Nemi Snacks Cinnamon Churro Cactus Sticks bring the iconic taste of a traditional Mexican churro into a crispy, crave-worthy snack. Imagine the classic fried-dough pastry, typically rolled in sugar and cinnamon, now reimagined into a convenient stick form. After a debut as a seasonal favorite, these cactus sticks, dusted with pulverized dates and cinnamon, earned a permanent spot in the Nemi Snacks lineup due to popular demand. 

Ingredients: blend of amaranth flour, organic cactus powder and pea protein, puffed amaranth, flax seed, chia seed, organic spirulina, organic turmeric, dried ground dates, cinnamon, flax seed oil, salt. 

* Manufactured in a facility that also processed tree nuts, peanuts and wheat.

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About The Producer

Nemi Snacks
Chicago, IL
Nemi Snacks revolutionizes snacking with a vibrant homage to Mexican culture and sustainability. Born from a desire to escape clichéd portrayals of Mexico in the "ethnic aisle," these snacks bring the liveliness, colors, and joy of authentic Mexican traditions right to your hands. Embracing the ancient wisdom of nopales cultivation, Nemi partners with small, independent, and organic farmers in Mexico, prioritizing sustainability and water conservation. Their commitment extends to empowering women in leadership roles and supporting food justice through regular donations, making every bite a step towards a more equitable and vibrant world.Read more