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Momofuku Protein Power Bundle

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Momofuku Protein Power Bundle

Product Details

Three-protein bundle

The Momofuku Protein Power Bundle brings together a trio of delicious and convenient prepared foods that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

First, we have the Momofuku Bo Ssäm Pulled Pork, a tender and flavorful dish that showcases the expert curing and slow-roasting techniques of Momofuku. Perfectly shredded, this pulled pork is versatile and can be used in sandwiches, tacos, pasta, or rice dishes for a burst of savory goodness.

Next, we have the Momofuku Honey Chili Half Chicken, marinated for 24 hours and glazed with a mouthwatering blend of soy sauce, honey, ginger, garlic, and chili crunch. The result is a sweet, spicy, and umami-rich chicken that will leave you craving more.

Finally, we offer the Momofuku Honey Chili Salmon, marinated for 4 hours and glazed with the same irresistible honey chili sauce. This wild salmon is cooked to perfection, delivering a harmonious balance of flavors.

With this protein-packed bundle, you can enjoy a variety of delicious and satisfying meals with a distinct Momofuku touch. Simply heat, serve, and relish in the incredible flavors crafted by the culinary team at Momofuku.

Contains: fish (salmon), soy, wheat, tree nut (coconut), and sesame.

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New York, NY
Momofuku was founded by David Chang in 2004. Since then, Momofuku has opened restaurants across the country and developed Momofuku Goods, a line of home cooking products with the same obsessive devotion to quality that propelled their restaurants to success. Good Eggs is excited to offer Momofuku at Home, an exclusive collaboration inspired by the powerful flavors and iconic dishes that have earned the group recognition the world over. These meal kits deliver convenience without compromise as only Good Eggs and Momofuku can. Read more