Landsea Gomasio

Landsea Gomasio

Orcas Island, WA

Landsea Gomasio is a nourishing seasoning blend that adds a flavorful dose of nutrients, minerals, and beauty to any snack or meal.  I craft this product with a commitment to offering and celebrating the wild and nutritionally powerful flavors of the land and sea around my home on Orcas Island, Washington.   

I believe that the kitchen can be a big part of my medicine cabinet.  My favorite way to incorporate medicine into my life is through food. When I moved to Orcas Island a few years ago I observed the abundance of wild nutrient-dense foods out there to harvest.  I fell in love with getting out on the water to harvest seaweed and into the woods to harvest nettles and pretty soon I had so much of both of these foods but didn't end up eating them often enough.  Until I began to blend them with sesame seeds and then I couldn't get enough!  I began to sprinkle Landsea Gomasio on almost everything I ate.  It was the nutty, complex, salty flavor of this blend that got me hooked but the more I looked into the incredible and numerous healthful qualities of each of the ingredients, the more I realized how awesome it would be to get these wild plants onto more people's plates. Support your body with every tablespoon! 

-Brooke Budner, Founder and Maker of Landsea Gomasio

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Gomasio Seasoning Blend
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