Landsea Gomasio

Gomasio Seasoning Blend

2 oz
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Gomasio Seasoning Blend

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1/2 cup glass jar, approx. 2 oz
"I love Landsea’s Gomasio for providing a salt-free umami boost to everything it is sprinkled on. Give it a try in our Sushi Rice Bowls with Avocado, Salmon and Gomasio recipe!" Corey, Buyer

An exciting take on the traditional Japanese seasoning blend, Landsea Gomasio ('goma' =  sesame + 'shio' = salt) stands to elevate any snack or meal to the next level. With no added salt, the complex and mineral forward blend gets its salinity from potassium-rich bull kelp. Paired with the subtle nuttiness of toasted sesame and a powerful dose of vitamins and minerals from wild nutrient-dense nettles, after one taste your tastebuds will be hooked.

Try sprinkled on rice, eggs, salads, cooked vegetables, popcorn, avocado, and more—it’s even good on vanilla ice cream!
  • A great substitute for table salt
  • High in potassium, calcium, and magnesium
  • Rich in vitamins, and essential fatty acids
  • Wild harvested and organic ingredients. 
Ingredients: Sesame Seeds, Bull Kelp, and Nettles

Contains: sesame.

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About The Producer

Landsea Gomasio
Orcas Island, WA
Landsea Gomasio celebrates the wild and nutritionally powerful flavors of the land and sea surrounding Orcas Island in Northern Washington. Hand-mixed and packed full of nutrients and minerals, Landsea is a nourishing blend that adds beauty to any snack or meal.Read more