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Harmless Harvest

San Francisco, CA
Harmless Harvest is a food and beverage company dedicated to generating a positive impact through business. Our ecosystem-based model values & respects each person and community contributing to the creation of our organic, delicious & healthy plant based products. Harmless Harvest is proud to be the first American coconut water to be Fair for Life. We developed the supply chain from the ground up, establishing the best practices; food safety, quality protocols, & pioneering processes to deliver the highest quality coconut water to you.

We are committed to…

The best ingredients:
We harvest only organic Nam Hom coconuts, a uniquely fragrant and tasty variety grown in Thailand. After spending years searching the world for the best-tasting ones we discovered Nam Hom coconuts in the organic agroforestry communities of Thailand. Traditional cultivation methods and our pioneering technology maintain the integrity of the coconut water bottled directly at the source.

The welfare of our people:
With Fair for Life certification, we share the welfare we create throughout our chain of custody via our social capitalism values, from plant to farmers and from workers to partners. The Fair for Life Program is a third- party certification standard for Social Accountability and Fair Trade. Through extensive yearly audits, Fair for Life verifies Harmless Harvest’s commitment to paying fair wages, providing decent working conditions in the USA and abroad, and reinvesting in the communities at the source.

Caring for the planet:
Our coconut water is only as good as the plants we harvest. Using organic farming methods means a better environment for the plants and a cleaner planet for all of us. In addition, our new bottles now use an average of 24% less plastic!  It’s our way of feeding the world while caring for the planet..
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