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Harmless Harvest

Organic Coconut Water with Pulp


16 oz
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Organic Coconut Water with Pulp

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16 oz

Harmless Harvest's Coconut water is only as good as the plants they harvest. They spent years tasting coconut water from across the world before discovering Nam Hom coconuts growing in small traditional farms in Thailand. Literally translated to “coconut with flavorful water,” this unique cultivar was the ideal foundation to raise the standards of coconut water. Using organic farming methods means a better environment for the plants and a cleaner planet for everyone. In addition, their new bottles now use an average of 24% less plastic.

All of their coconut water is clear when bottled. However, some bottles turn pink due to varying levels of antioxidants, or polyphenols, interacting with light. For this version, Harmless Harvest has scraped coconut meat from the same Nam Hom coconuts they harvest from and added the chunks to the coconut water. Now you can nibble on tender coconut while hydrating.

Ingredients: organic coconut water, organic coconut meat.

Contains: tree nuts (coconut).

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Harmless Harvest
San Francisco, CA
Harmless Harvest is a food and beverage company dedicated to generating a positive impact through business. Our ecosystem-based model values & respects each person and community contributing to the creation of our organic, delicious & healthy plant based products. Harmless Harvest is proud to be the first American coconut water to be Fair for Life. We developed the supply chain from the ground up, establishing the best practices; food safety, quality protocols, & pioneering processes to deliver the highest quality coconut water to youRead more