Nepi, Lazio, Italy

Fulvi® Pecorino Romano DOP is no ordinary cheese; it's a testament to tradition and craftsmanship, hailing from the rolling countryside near Rome, Lazio. In a world where mass production and convenience often overshadow quality, Fulvi® stands as a shining example of what happens when a family-owned company is dedicated to preserving heritage.

What sets Fulvi® apart is its commitment to crafting Pecorino Romano the old-fashioned way. Unlike many of its counterparts, which have shifted production to Sardegna for cost-efficiency and scale, Fulvi® remains loyal to its roots. Here, they use 100% whole sheep's milk sourced from local farms, resulting in a cheese with a higher butterfat content. This subtle difference makes Fulvi® less dry and hard compared to its Sardegna-made counterparts.

The cheese's journey doesn't end with milk selection. Fulvi® takes the art of cheese-making seriously, using only fresh milk, and as the cheese matures over an impressive 10-12 months (well beyond the standard 5-month requirement by the Pecorino Romano consortium), it receives special attention. Each wheel is meticulously salted by hand, ensuring a consistently even salt distribution and slow salt absorption. The outcome is a cheese that's not excessively salty or sharp but, instead, rich in flavor and creamy in texture. Plus, when it comes to grating, Fulvi® excels, delivering large, fluffy gratings that enhance your favorite dishes with less cheese needed. In an era where shortcuts are commonplace, Fulvi® remains true to the principles that make Pecorino Romano a culinary treasure.

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