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Zia Hatch Chile Co

Authentic Roasted New Mexico Hot Hatch Green Chile

16 oz
Authentic Roasted New Mexico Hot Hatch Green Chile

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Elevate your culinary experience with Zia Green Chile Co.'s Authentic Roasted New Mexico Hot Hatch Green Chile. These hand-picked, flame-roasted, and diced chiles from the renowned Hatch Valley of New Mexico bring the authentic taste of the Southwest to your dishes. Certified by New Mexico and boasting non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian credentials, these chiles offer a delightful, smoky flavor to elevate your salsas, stews, enchiladas, and more. Share the joy of this iconic New Mexico delicacy with fellow chile aficionados; it's the perfect gift that brings the essence of the Southwest to any kitchen.

Ingredients: Green Chile, Water, Lime Juice, Salt, Garlic

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About The Producer

Zia Hatch Chile Co
Brooklyn, NY
Zia Hatch Chile Co. is all about one thing: the rich, authentic flavor of Hatch Chiles from New Mexico. This is not your typical salsa or hot sauce; Zia's focus is on offering a clean and versatile ingredient, a true culinary treasure that can be traced back to individual fields in the regions surrounding Hatch, New Mexico, the world's "Chile Capital." With a commitment to authenticity, freshness, and flavor, they've brought this regional specialty to a broader audience, serving those who yearn for the taste of home, those embracing a healthier lifestyle, and anyone seeking to elevate their culinary experiences. It's about more than just the chiles; it's about the stories and traditions they represent, shared with the nation by Founder Nate, who, like so many others, found himself missing a piece of home when he moved away.Read more