Zia Hatch Chile Co

Zia Hatch Chile Co

Brooklyn, NY

Zia Hatch Chile Co. is the guardian of the genuine taste of New Mexico, captured in the form of Hatch Chiles. They stand apart as not just a salsa or hot sauce but as a provider of a clean and versatile culinary gem. What sets Zia's chiles apart is the unwavering commitment to authenticity, freshness, and flavor. They've established a direct link between their produce and individual fields in the areas around Hatch, New Mexico, an iconic region recognized as the "Chile Capital of the World." The uniqueness of New Mexico Chile is anchored in the fact that it's harvested only once a year in the fall, primarily in the southern regions of New Mexico. Here, high altitudes, dry climates, and fertile soil combine to create the ideal conditions for these exceptional chiles to thrive.

Zia Hatch Chile Co. embarked on a noble mission, one born of shared stories and a deep connection to the flavors of home. Founder Nate's story mirrors those of countless others who left their roots behind, only to find that the food they cherished was a piece of their heart and soul. The driving force behind Zia was to remedy this, introducing the remarkable, region-specific crop of Hatch Chiles to the entire nation. The chiles aren't just ingredients; they're vessels of culture and tradition. They tell stories, evoke memories, and offer a taste of home to anyone who's felt the pang of nostalgia. As a torchbearer of these stories and flavors, Zia Hatch Chile Co. was founded to ensure that the rich culinary heritage of New Mexico can be experienced and enjoyed throughout the country.

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