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Yumé Boshi

Ume Plum Syrup


12.7 fl oz
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Ume Plum Syrup

Product Details

Yumé Boshi's drinking syrups are made with ingredients that promote healthy digestion, fight nausea, and are thought to help boost energy. Think of it as a flavor concentrate—try stirring a splash into sparkling water, using as a cocktail syrup, or pouring over vanilla ice cream. You only need a few tablespoons of tangy, fruity, aromatic Ume Plum Syrup to flavor a full glass of sparkling water.

Ingredients: water, ume plum juice, cane sugar, red shiso leaves.

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About The Producer

Yumé Boshi
I source ume plums from small orchards in the California Central Valley to make jams and pickles. Whether you want a sweet and tangy experinece or a salty and sour one, my jams and pickles are sure to entertain your palate.Read more