Yumé Boshi

Yumé Boshi


Yumé Boshi was founded in Spring 2013, as the fruit on ume plum trees became ripe in Northern California. In Japan, the ume plum tree is prized for its wabi sabi flowers which mark the beginning of spring.  In early summer, artisans and housewives are busy transforming the tangy fruit into pickles, syrups and jams. I grew up eating my mother’s house made umeboshi pickle and it feels like ume plums have always been in my life.

At Yumé Boshi, I source the ume plums from small orchards in the California Central Valley to make jams and pickles. I use traditional methods as well as techniques I learned as a professionally trained cook. The end result is the pleasant palate experience of sweet and tangy (jam!), salty and sour (umeboshi pickle!).

I hope that the flavor, texture, and color of my ume products will make a delicious addition to your pantry! 

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