Yehuda Matzos

Gluten-Free Matzo Meal

15 oz
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Gluten-Free Matzo Meal

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Kosher for Passover and everyday use.
Yehuda Matzos has been baking since 1921, so they know a little something about their matzo. Their Gluten-Free Matzo Meal for Passover is crispy and light, perfect for making matzo balls, coating fried fish and meat, binding veggie fritters and meatloaf, or topping casseroles, crisps, crumbles, and pies.

Ingredients: tapioca starch, water, potato starch, potato flour, palm oil, natural vinegar, honey, egg yolks, salt.
Contains: eggs.

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About The Producer

Yehuda Matzos
Jerusalem, Israel
Yehuda Matzos has been baking since 1921—and after nearly a century, they're still going strong, producing matzo products & matzo flour to meet all Kosher and quality standards.Read more