Yamaki Jozo

Organic Soy Sauce

500 ml
Organic Soy Sauce

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Yamaki Jozo is located at the foot of a beautiful mountain where they get the pristine spring water for making their shoyu. Produced from only Japanese-grown soybeans, wheat and natural sea salt. This beautiful, light, almost rose-colored shoyu delivers in every way. It is extremely well balanced, has mild saltiness, sweet fruitiness and is deep with umami. Please refrigerate once open.

Ingredients: water, organic soy bean, organic wheat, salt

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About The Producer

Yamaki Jozo
Kamikawa, Japan
Yamaki Jozo, a century-old soy sauce producer in Kamikawa, Saitama Prefecture, is renowned for its traditional methods and exceptional quality. Led by fifth-generation Kitani-san, they use Japan-grown ingredients and natural spring water from a local mountain, resulting in a premium moromi (mash) aged in cedar barrels.Read more