Wright & Brown Distillery


750 ml

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750 ml, 43% abv

This is the kind of bourbon that sophisticated palates are looking for as a departure from the boring status quo. It is grassy, herbaceous, and spicy.

What makes them so special? The secret lies in their California grains, high rye mash bill, and a 250 gal Vendome copper pot still. It is also the dedication to using old school methods of handcrafting whiskey and focusing on each part of the process from grain to glass to ensure that only the finest quality spirits come off the still.

Ingredients: corn, rye, malted barley.

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About The Producer

Wright & Brown Distillery
Oakland, CA
Wright & Brown makes non-chill filtered, artisanal whiskey from grain-to-glass and rum from blackstrap molasses with an American made hybrid Vendome Copper pot still. Using high-quality, hand selected malts and grains, Wright & Brown roller mill on-site, mash, and carry out long fermentation to encourage high ester production.Read more