Wright & Brown Distillery

Barrel Aged Rum

750 ml

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Barrel Aged Rum

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750 ml, 45% abv

Made with 100% Grade-A Georgian Blackstrap Molasses then distilled in a 250 gal Vendome Copper Pot Still (which is the same still they use to make whisky), this aged rum is a truly unique blend of traditional and new techniques.

When it is fresh off the still, this rum is fruity and floral with a little funk on the back end. After aging for 2 years in ex-bourbon barrels, those youthful flavors blossom into a plethora of warm, full-bodied flavors such as hazelnut and gingerbread that make you crave the comfort of your grandmother’s kitchen during the holiday season. This aged rum is so delicious it stands up not just as a sipping spirit on its own, but also in any spirit-forward cocktail that you would normally put whiskey in.

Ingredients: organic blackstrap molasses.

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About The Producer

Wright & Brown Distillery
Oakland, CA
Wright & Brown makes non-chill filtered, artisanal whiskey from grain-to-glass and rum from blackstrap molasses with an American made hybrid Vendome Copper pot still. Using high-quality, hand selected malts and grains, Wright & Brown roller mill on-site, mash, and carry out long fermentation to encourage high ester production.Read more