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Organic Firm Tofu

14 oz
$3.18 / lb
Organic Firm Tofu

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14oz package (397g), keep refrigerated

WoChong's Organic Firm Tofu is made with their rich, sweet, creamy USA-grown (and non-GMO certified!) organic soymilk. It's heated to just the right temperature to produce a perfect blend of texture and flavor, using only the highest quality ingredients. This firm tofu is ideal for marinating and pan-frying, grilling, or stir-frying.

Ingredients: water, soybeans*, calcium sulphate (*organic).
Contains: soy.

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About The Producer

Wo Chong
San Francisco
Wo Chong specializes in producing high quality non-GMO tofu, bean sprouts and a variety of other soy products since 1935. We are the largest and oldest family (three generations) owned and operated manufacturer in Northern California.Read more