Wine Forest

Wine Forest

Napa, CA
Since 1981 forager­/author Connie Green's Wine Forest has been supplying America’s top restaurants with the highest quality wild mushrooms and foods.

Wine Forest's mission and joy lie in the care taken in foraging amidst the remote forests, fields and estuaries of our beautiful wild West, and Connie Green and her family of skilled, experienced harvesters have been providing these foods of unparalleled quality to discriminating restaurants, chefs and retailers since 1981.

Picking cleanly and selectively is where all quality begins. Wine Forest's hunting involves treading carefully through the land, gathering sustainably to protect nature's sources, and walking right past poor quality mushrooms and wild foods, which sadly are usually picked elsewhere and sold into the bulk market. This devotion to complementing and preserving the innate excellence of these wild foods is continued through careful handling, small-batch preparation, and packing at our kitchen in Napa, California.

Wine Forest's good frequently come from California, but they'll often work with foragers in other states and even other countries when the best tasting wild foods can be sustainably harvested elsewhere.

Savor the distinctly delicious flavors of the wild in your own kitchen.
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