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Mango Gold Sparkling Prebiotic + Probiotic Drink

12 oz
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Mango Gold Sparkling Prebiotic + Probiotic Drink

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13.5 oz

Wildwonder's Mango Gold takes the popular tropical fruit mango, but is reimagined in drink form. Paired with fresh brewed turmeric root and their live vegan probiotic and prebiotic blend, this drink will not only remind you of being on an exotic island, but will provide immune support. Luscious, refreshing, and delightfully bubbly, this plant-powered beverage can be enjoyed any time of day, with a meal or on its own. 

Ingredients: fresh brewed turmeric root* (filtered water, turmeric root*), mango puree*, maple syrup*, lemon juice*, jerusalem artichoke*, mango essence*, chicory root inulin, monk fruit extract*, live probiotics (bacillus subtilis), black pepper* (*organic).

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South San Francisco, CA
Wildwonder produces sparkling, super herb infused beverages. Read more