Vanilla Bean Vegan Ice Cream

16 oz
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Vanilla Bean Vegan Ice Cream

Product Details

One 16 oz pint

Wildgood Vanilla Bean Vegan Ice Cream offers a smooth-as-silk texture swirled with flecks of pure vanilla bean, creating a sophisticated and satisfying pint. This classic flavor can stand alone as a delightful plant-based dessert or elevate any dessert.

Ingredients: Water, Fructose, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chicory Root Fiber, Pea Protein, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Carob Bean Gum, Vanilla Beans, Vanilla Extract.

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About The Producer

Wildgood is an artisan ice cream brand founded by Sotiris Tsichlopoulos, who is known for creating well-loved ice cream in Greece. With a vision for a sustainable, plant-based future, Sotiris embarked on an eight-year journey to develop a product that delivers the deliciousness of premium ice cream without using dairy. He found the perfect replacement in extra virgin olive oil, sourced from his family's ancient olive groves. Wildgood's food philosophy revolves around a plant-forward diet, guided by the Mediterranean diet and the natural goodness of olive oil, providing nourishment for the body and the planet.Read more