Lakeside Organic Gardens

Lakeside Organic Gardens

Pajaro Valley and Imperial Valley, CA
At Lakeside Organic Gardens, we are 100% committed to organic farming, our customers, food safety, our community, our land, our employees, and our country. Our sole grower and owner, Dick Peixoto, personally walks his fields and cooler every day.

100% Family Owned
The Peixoto family began farming in the Pajaro Valley of California in the late 1800’s and perfected conventional growing throughout the 1900’s. As their passions for harvesting the riches of the soil grew and evolved, the family made a committed decision to convert all their farms to 100% organic. Lakeside Organic Gardens was launched by Dick Peixoto and his extended family in 1996. Today, our company is still family-owned and operated with more than 10 family members on our team!

100% Organic
Unlike many conventional growers who adopt organic farming as a sideline, Lakeside Organic Gardens is 100% organic, 365 days a year. The commitment to organic certification requires stringent adherence to government standards and a rigorous commitment to the organic integrity that is threaded throughout our organization. Visit our Certified Organic page for more details.

100% US Grown
We are proud that all our ranches and employees are based in California. We are 100% committed to supporting our local workforce and the United States economy. Being good land-stewards is close to our hearts because we want to ensure the land is productive for generations to come.

The Birth of Lakeside Organic Gardens
Dick first converted the farm that he and his brother, Jim, had farmed beans on so many years earlier when Dick was in high school. The 55-acre ranch includes a lake, a white farmhouse and an old-fashioned water tower with a windmill on top. This location became the inspiration for the Lakeside Organic Gardens logo, which includes this very farmhouse and water tower amidst the rolling hills.

The Growth of Lakeside Organic Gardens
Once Dick got the “bug” for organic farming, things took off. Every year Lakeside Organic Gardens increases in acreage and commodities. Now we grow on approximately 1,200 certified organic acres in the Pajaro Valley. And in order to keep a steady supply for our customers through the winter, we grow on approximately 600 certified organic acres in the Imperial Valley in California.
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