Christopher Ranch

Organic Elephant Garlic Cloves

0.4 lb
$9.98 / lb

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Organic Elephant Garlic Cloves

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Each clove will weigh approximately 0.4 lbs
Elephant Garlic is actually a variant of a garden leek, but has a garlicky bite to it, but less pungent and often less juicy than other varieties of garlic. Its large-sized cloves make it perfect for making garlic chips or roasting whole.

Note: sometimes the outer layer of the cloves will fall off or be cracked enough to expose the flesh of the clove, which causes the outside of the clove to harden a bit. But don't worry, this garlic is perfectly safe and delicious to eat!

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About The Producer

Christopher Ranch
Gilroy, CA
Christopher Ranch is a family-owned and operated farm in Gilroy, CA that grows rare, heirloom varieties of Organic Garlic. In the rare times with the California Organic Garlic storage crop runs out, they'll source Organic Garlic from Argentina and Spain. Veritable Vegetable is a mission driven, organic produce distributor who forms deep, meaningful relationships with growers. We believe in supporting our growers and maintaing visibility for each of the 200+ farms we carry. We are a woman-owned, certified B Corporation, with a dedication to environmental sustainability and supporting our community.Read more