Christopher Ranch

Christopher Ranch

Gilroy, CA
Back in the 1890's, Ole Christopher immigrated to America from Denmark to start Christopher Ranch in the nutrient-rich soils of Northern California. He began by growing prunes, and eventually his farm grew to be one of the largest prune producers in the Santa Clara Valley!

In 1956, Ole's grandson Don moved the family business to Gilroy, CA to grow European heirloom varieties of garlic. In Gilroy, Don co-founded the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival and the town came to be known as the "Garlic Capital of the World."

Now run by Don's son Bill, the farm is committed to producing healthy produce with sustainable farming practices. They've enlisted a green packaging program, drip-irrigation techniques to minimize water usage, and a carefully planned crop rotation system to avoid depleted soils and over-farming.

Nestled in the rolling hills of the beautiful Santa Clara Valley, Christopher Ranch grows Certified Organic Garlic and it's the most deliciously fragrant garlic you can buy!
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