Pannetone Vergani

Organic Panettone

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Organic Panettone

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Vergani Organic Panettone is a testament to the artistry of Panettone crafting, a tradition carried forward by Vergani since 1944. With a rich heritage and a dedication to Angelo Vergani's time-tested recipes, this sweet loaf encapsulates the essence of Milan's renowned delicacy. Produced solely with certified ingredients, it undergoes a meticulous 72-hour rising process, yielding a generous shape and airy texture that preserves the authentic flavors and aromas of this iconic Panettone, ensuring that its legacy continues to delight taste buds around the world.

In Italy, Panettone is a cherished centerpiece of festive gatherings, often enjoyed with a glass of sparkling wine or served as a delightful dessert during the holiday season.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Raisin, Butter, Fresh Egg yolk, Candied orange peels, Natural yeast, Salt, Natural orange flavor, Natural vanilla flavor.

Contains: Wheat, Eggs. May contain nuts

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About The Producer

Pannetone Vergani
Milan, Italy
Panettone Vergani is more than just a brand; it's a family legacy that spans four generations. What began as a small pastry shop in Milan in 1944 has evolved into a renowned name in the world of Panettone. With a commitment to preserving tradition and a dedication to quality, Panettone Vergani stands as the last Milanese producer of this iconic Italian holiday treat on an industrial scale in Milan.Read more