Pannetone Vergani

Pannetone Vergani

Milan, Italy

Panettone Vergani is more than just a brand; it's a cherished family history that has transcended time. For four generations, the Vergani family has not only safeguarded but also perpetuated the values and traditions that have established Vergani as a hallmark of excellence. Today, they proudly hold the distinction of being the sole remaining Milanese producer of Panettone on an industrial scale within the city itself.

The story commenced in 1944, against the backdrop of a recovering Milan still echoing with the memories of wartime bombings. Angelo Vergani, a young and enterprising pastry enthusiast with a profound love for his craft and his city, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. Despite the challenges of those years, the desire to rebuild and a steadfast passion for his work outshone the adversity. Vergani's commitment to authentic ingredients and an unwavering pursuit of quality quickly endeared "al Vergani" to the locals. In no time, the small pastry shop specialized in crafting genuine Milanese Panettone.

Seven decades have passed since then, and today, their laboratory, a stone's throw from the site of the original pastry shop, churns out a staggering 600,000 Panettoni each year. Each Panettone remains special, crafted according to time-honored traditions, with the same artisanal care, and following the original recipe handed down through generations by great-grandfather Angelo. The true secret behind an exceptional Panettone? It lies in the quality of the ingredients, a legacy that Vergani continues to uphold and celebrate.

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