Twisted Horn Ranch

Grass-Fed Beef Tongue (Frozen)

1.5 lb
$11.99 / lb

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Grass-Fed Beef Tongue (Frozen)

Product Details

1.5-2 lb, arrives frozen
How do you like to prepare the tongue? It seems that every family has its own favorite recipe. We like to try different things here at the ranch. Last month it was lengua tacos!  

Note: Grass fed Longhorn beef is VERY lean and cooks 30 -40% faster. Please adjust recipe times accordingly!

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About The Producer

Twisted Horn Ranch
Bloomfield, CA
We raise 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised Longhorn beef, using no hormones or antibiotics to aid in growth. We believe that cattle are meant to be cattle and should be free to roam the range and forage naturally on wild grasses.Read more