Twisted Horn Ranch

Twisted Horn Ranch

Bloomfield, CA

Twisted Horn Ranch raises 100% pasture-raised, grass-fed Longhorn cattle. This beautiful heritage breed is descended from the very first cattle in the Americas. It nearly went extinct in the late 1920s as more conventional cattle, quick-growing and fattier, became popular. Luckily the breed was saved by a few dedicated ranchers and is renowned today for its flavor and nutritional value. Low in fat and cholesterol, you'll find that Longhorn beef is like no other beef you’ve tried.

The Longhorn cattle of Twisted Horn Ranch roam freely on rangeland in Bloomfield, CA (near Bodega Bay), where they forage on wild grasses. They’re raised without hormones or antibiotics—a lifestyle that’s good for the cattle, and good for the eater, too. Super-lean Longhorn beef will cook 30-40% faster than grain-fed or conventional beef, so be sure to adjust the cooking time for your recipes. For more recipes and cooking tips, visit Twisted Horn Ranch’s website!

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Grass-Fed Ground Beef 80/20 (Frozen)
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