Twisted Horn Ranch

Grass-Fed Beef Shank (Frozen)

0.5 lb
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Grass-Fed Beef Shank (Frozen)

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.5-.74 lb, arrives frozen.
When I discovered beef shanks I felt like I found the Holy Grail! Where have these been all my life? Beef Shanks are cut from the leg and the bone contains all that wonderful marrow. Shanks may be (delicately) braised or cooked on a grill over a slow fire. The taste is wonderful.
Label may read 'Osso Buco'.
Note: Grass fed Longhorn beef is VERY lean and cooks 30 -40% faster. Please adjust recipe times accordingly

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Twisted Horn Ranch
Bloomfield, CA
We raise 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised Longhorn beef, using no hormones or antibiotics to aid in growth. We believe that cattle are meant to be cattle and should be free to roam the range and forage naturally on wild grasses.Read more