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Gin Spritz

4 count

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Gin Spritz

Product Details

4 count, 10% abv

Troop's Gin Spritz is a fine balance between bitter and sweet, fizzy and smooth, dry and botanical. To some, it would taste like a negroni and aperol spritz combined. Enjoy with brunch, beach outings, or in any fancy outdoor setting. It can be poured into a wine glass and dressed up with ice and orange slices.

Ingredients: gin, amaro, lemon, hibiscus, soda water.

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Troop Beverage Co
Napa, CA
Troop makes full flavor, full strength ready-to-drink cocktails designed for a new class of drinker. Crafted with spirits and 100% real ingredients, Troop is a cocktail without compromise in a single serving size.Read more