Topanga Quality Honey

Topanga Quality Honey

Fillmore, CA

Bennett’s Honey Farm started when a swarm of bees landed in the Bennett’s backyard, where they lived in the countryside. Instead of having the bees removed, they decided to leave them to produce local honey from the surrounding orchards and valleys. Bennett’s Honey Farm was established as the demand for premium honey grew, where they owned and cared for their personal bee colonies, and eventually acquired the Topanga Quality Honey label under their farm. Their bees travel around the country, which allows them to follow the “honey flow” that comes from different floral sources. The beekeepers follow and place the bees with absolute care and nurturing in order to produce high quality honey. They then return the honey to natural hive temperature before clarifying and hand bottling, which preserves the aroma, taste, and nutritional value of the honey. Their honey comes from a variety of flowers such as Orange, Sage, Wildflower, Avocado, Eucalyptus, Clover, and Cactus. Having been awarded multiple blue ribbons at County Fairs, Bennett’s Honey Farm not only strives to produce the best, wholesome honey in the world, but to protect and sustain honeybees. 

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