San Diego, CA

Togronis, a pioneering ready-to-drink cocktail brand, found its inspiration amid the global pandemic when bars and restaurants were getting creative with drinks to go. It was during this time that the idea for Togronis was born, a brand dedicated exclusively to craft Negronis and imaginative variations of this classic cocktail.

Headquartered in sunny San Diego, California, Togronis partners with the world-renowned Scrappy’s Bitters company in Seattle, Washington, to bring these exquisite cocktails to life. What sets Togronis apart is their commitment to quality and flavor. They craft their cocktails with a house-made red bitter, a secret recipe that infuses every sip with character and depth. To complete the magic, they source premium spirits from various corners of the world, ensuring that every Togronis cocktail is a passport to a global taste journey.

Now, your favorite cocktail is not confined to the bar. With Togronis, the delightful sophistication of a well-crafted Negroni can be by your side, no matter where your adventures take you. This brand is all about making the pleasure of a classic cocktail accessible, easy, and portable, without compromising on the quality and richness that cocktail aficionados crave.

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