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The Honest Bison

Grass-Fed Bison Filet Mignon (Frozen)

12 oz
$3.74 / oz

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Grass-Fed Bison Filet Mignon (Frozen)

Product Details

Two 6 oz filets
Naturally grass-fed and humanely raised, bison is packed with healthy fatty acids and minerals, plus it's leaner and higher in protein than beef. Grass-fed Bison Filet Mignon (Frozen) makes a fantastic special main course, full of flavor and incredibly tender—just sear to rare or medium-rare and serve with your favorite veggies.

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About The Producer

The Honest Bison
Cadott, WI
The Honest Bison stands for exactly what their name suggests: bison that’s 100% honest-to-goodness naturally grass-fed and humanely raised. No grains. No hormones. No feedlots. No matter what.Read more