Tepache Sazón

Tepache Sazón Pineapple

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Tepache Sazón Pineapple

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Four 375 ml bottles, 7% ABV

Introducing Tepache Sazón Pineapple, a tantalizing variation of the classic fermented fruit beverage. Crafted with precision and passion by a dedicated team, Tepache Sazón Pineapple captures the essence of tropical paradise in every sip. Carefully selecting the juiciest and most succulent pineapples, this delightful beverage delivers a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess. Immerse yourself in the rich ferment culture of Mexico with Tepache Sazón Pineapple, and let the refreshing tropical flavors transport you to a sun-soaked beachside retreat.

Ingredients: Pineapple, piloncillo, canela

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About The Producer

Tepache Sazón
San Pancho, Mexico
Tepache Sazón is a fermented fruit beverage made from a traditional recipe in the coastal village of San Pancho, Nayarit. We select only the best locally grown, hand-harvested fruit with an emphasis on freshness and ripeness. San Pancho is a diverse Mexican "surf town" recognized for its natural beauty that inspires the spirit of sustainability, community, and authenticity that guides our path. Mexico boasts an estimated 200 types of fermented wonders. Our mission is to help share these traditional beverages with the world - to share the rich fermented culture of Mexico in the form of tepache. Read more