Sweet Grass Dairy

Sweet Grass Dairy

Thomasville, GA
After dairying conventionally for 15 years, Al and Desiree Wehner switched their farming method to an intensive grazing management farming style in 1993. In less than a year, they knew they had found a better way to farm. In this method “cows could be cows” and do what nature intended—eat grass! The cows are moved to a fresh pasture every twelve hours and kept cool under a large pivot system. This farming style combined with the natural resources and mild winters in South Georgia keeps the cows living longer, healthier lives on fresh green grass 365 days per year.

They started making cheeses in 2000. Handcrafted cheese made in a traditional or old-world style was a perfect vehicle to show off the high quality, grass-based milk

Sweet Grass Dairy now distributes to over 38 states, and has won over 30 awards domestically and internationally over the years. Even as Sweet Grass Dairy continues to grow, it remains dedicated to high-quality production, lasting partnerships with great producers, and genuine relationships with all customers.
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