Strong Arm Farm

Strong Arm Farm

Santa Rosa, CA
Raw, dried, hand harvested local seaweed from Sonoma Coast, California

Harvest your own seaweed on a Forage SF foray with Heidi!     July 29 is the last one in 2018!

These seaweeds are harvested on the Sonoma Coast just north of Jenner.   Our crew of 3-5 people harvest on low tides from the shore and cut the live algae off the rocks that are rarely exposed.  We bring it inland, rinse it 3 times, then lay it out on (FDA food-safe) screens to dry in the sun.  Harvest days start at 4am and end when the evening dew sets in. Surprisingly, solar drying only takes a few hours on a hot summer afternoon.  In it's dried form it can last indefinitely since the minerals are in their most stable/basic form.

I also sell in bulk. If you are interested in whole pounds
Contact Heidi:  [email protected]

Nori - is very mild, thin and iridescent when wet, and particularly high in protein. Sadly the ocean does not grow the tasty sushi sheets we are all accustomed to, however the 'crinkly splendor' of it's natural form is also quite versatile. Can be toasted and crumpled into small flakes and easily added to dishes like a spice, or coated and baked like kale chips.
Kombu - is the best in soups of all kinds (miso, chicken, chili, curry, etc.) The algin thickening agent adds umami and helps break down fibers in beans.  It may not disintegrate entirely during cooking, can be extracted chopped fine, and re-mixed in.

We are delighted to share these freshly harvested delectables from our local marine foodshed.  May contain shellfish.
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