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Steamed Eggs with Mustard & Turmeric Dip

3 count

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Steamed Eggs with Mustard & Turmeric Dip

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3 count, 5 oz
St. John Family Farms has delicately steamed their freshly laid, free-range eggs from Outdoor Hens and paired it with Blastin' Mustard & Turmeric spice packet for extra flavor. Each egg contains 6 grams of protein or 18 grams per container. These creamy and tender eggs are perfect for breakfast, a quick snack, or as a topper on salads. 

 free range eggs, blastin' mustard & turmeric spice packet (salt, raw sugar, spices, herbs, butter powder, < 1% silica gel for anti-caking, <0.5% canola oil and silica gel as a manufacturing aid), citric acid (to preserve freshness).

Contains: eggs, milk. May contain small eggshell fragments.

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St. John Family Farms
At St. John Family Farms our principle is simple…”appreciate nature’s perfection.” Our laying hens live in mobile units that are moved frequently to new sections of green pasture. During the day the hens are free to explore and chase bugs outside, snack on hearty green grass and clover, and dine on feed that is custom blended each day and is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals.Read more