St. John Family Farms

St. John Family Farms


At St. John Family Farms our principle is simple… "appreciate nature’s perfection.”  We're tucked away on a quiet country road surrounded by nut trees and green pasture is our 20 acre farm.

Our laying hens live in mobile units that are moved frequently to new sections of green pasture. During the day the hens are free to explore and chase bugs outside, snack on hearty green grass and clover, and dine on non GMO feed that is custom blended each day and is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. They lay their beautiful eggs in nesting boxes inside the coops and each day the eggs are collected. At dusk the hens march into the safety of their coop to roost.  

Thank you for supporting your local farmer.  It brings us joy to care for happy and healthy animals while being stewards of the soil. 

From the Farm,

Ross and Marlane Shoop 

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