Sonoma County, CA
Growing up on organic and local foods, it might come as a surprise that Bill Creelman, founder and CEO of Spindrift, spent much of his adult life consuming a can of Diet Coke daily. When he became a parent and started having to make beverage decisions for his own children, he realized that the soda industry had remained stagnant—full of artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup--throughout his life. No one was delivering anything with real, whole, fresh ingredients.

Making soda with fruit purees was no easy task, fresh juice doesn’t like to be carbonated and many of the early batches had to be scrapped or were too foamy. After a year of testing recipes and fine tuning Spindrift, in 2009 America’s first soda made with fresh squeezed ingredients was finally born.  Starting in 2012 Spindrift expanded production to California, sourcing local fruits that are then blended and bottled in Sonoma County. 
Spindrift hopes to change how America experiences sodas. No preservatives, no additives, and never from concentrate, their sodas and seltzer are incredibly light, refreshing, and delicious beverages with up to a full serving of fruit per bottle!

a 1% for the planet member, Spindrift is committed to giving back to the community and supports non-profit organizations working to protect water resources, including Heal The Bay.
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Grapefruit Sparkling Water (8-Pack)
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