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Just Date Syrup

Organic Date Syrup


8.8 oz
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Organic Date Syrup

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8.8 oz
Spice Mama's Just Date Syrup is just that: organic, wholesome Medjool dates, with no coloring, flavoring, preservatives, or extra sweeteners. High in potassium and antioxidants, and with a naturally low glycemic index, Just Date Syrup is a great alternative to refined sugar, stevia, agave, and other sweeteners. It's easy to stir into a hot drink like tea or coffee, drizzle over yogurt and cereal, or use in baking projects like pancakes, quickbreads, and cookies.

Just Date Syrup is a Good Food Awards 2021 winner! The Good Food Foundation judges over 2000 entries in 16 style categories, submitted by craft food producers from all 50 states. Each entry must top the charts in a blind tasting and meet strict environmental and social responsibility standards to be considered as a finalist. Only about 200 winners are crowned, recognizing outstanding quality and flavor.

Ingredients: Organic Medjool Dates.

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Just Date Syrup
San Francisco, CA
Spice Mama shares the flavors of her childhood with everyone through these addictive chili sauces: spicy and sweet, combining a rich, traditional Indian heritage with the beauty and freshness of clean California cooking.Read more