Soom Foods

Soom Foods

Philadelphia, PA

Soom Foods was founded by the three “Soom Sisters” - Shelby, Jackie and Amy. Growing up, they always consumed tahini in some form like hummus and saw tahini cans in the back of their family’s pantry. The journey began when 10 years ago, they had tried Jackie’s mother-in-law’s delicious carrot cake in Israel. It had a moist texture and incredible flavor that most carrot cakes didn’t have. The secret ingredient was, to everyone’s surprise, tahini! In Israel, tahini is revered for its versatility and flavor. They began to wonder why tahini wasn’t as popular in the US and sought to find something similar in the American market. When they couldn’t find one, that’s when they knew they had to start their own tahini company. Certified women owned and family owned, Soom Foods was born out of a love and passion for food, family, and community. By offering items that are both flavorful and good-for-you, they hope to share the wealth of nutritious and accessible products to the world.

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