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Stagberry Elk Salame

6 oz
Stagberry Elk Salame

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A unique blend of wild and rustic flavors, Smoking Goose’s Stagberry Elk Salame is a culinary expression of the American wilderness. Crafted with lean elk meat, balanced with just enough pork for a supple texture, this salame is jeweled with dried blueberries that have been lovingly macerated in locally-produced dry mead. The name ‘Stagberry’ captures this synergy of robust elk (stag) and sweet-tart blueberries. It’s a pairing that's both wild and sophisticated, ideal for gracing any charcuterie board. Serve it alongside a drizzle of honey over nuts, tangy goat cheeses, roasted beets, or winter squash to truly celebrate the bounty of American woodlands and craftsmanship.

Ingredients: elk shoulder, pork shoulder, pork fat, dry mead (honey wine), sea salt, dried blueberries, spices (garlic, black pepper), dextrose, honey, water, vegetable powder (celery juice, sea salt), lactic acid starter culture, natural beef casing

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Smoking Goose
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Smoking Goose expertly crafts slow cured and smoked meats using old-world techniques. Based in Indianapolis, this artisan smokehouse sources from local farms committed to humane husbandry, with animals raised without antibiotics or hormones. Smoking Goose’s range includes unique, handcrafted salumi, sausages, and fresh cuts, offering distinctive flavors that elevate any meal.Read more