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Smoking Goose

Spruce & Candy Salame Pork Salame

6 oz
Spruce & Candy Salame Pork Salame

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Infused with a unique blend of forest and field, Smoking Goose's Spruce and Candy Salame features the distinct flavors of early spring spruce tips. Brewed in collaboration with Indiana's 18th Street Brewery, the salame incorporates the zesty character of American Pale Ale, complemented by the bright notes of lemon peel, the warmth of clove, and a hint of heat from Calabrian pepper and pink peppercorns. This culinary creation is the brainchild of Quality Control Manager Chris Stultz, bringing a piece of Alaskan tradition into the mix. Serve it up with the robust tang of Juniper Blue Cheese and on Citrus Ginger Thyme Crisps for a pairing that elevates the palate.

Ingredients: pork, pork fat, beer (18th Street American IPA), sea salt, spruce tips, lemon peel, dextrose, celery powder, spices (hot Calabrian pepper powder, pink peppercorn, clove), lactic acid starter culture, natural pork casing

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Smoking Goose
Indianapolis, IN
Smoking Goose expertly crafts slow cured and smoked meats using old-world techniques. Based in Indianapolis, this artisan smokehouse sources from local farms committed to humane husbandry, with animals raised without antibiotics or hormones. Smoking Goose’s range includes unique, handcrafted salumi, sausages, and fresh cuts, offering distinctive flavors that elevate any meal.Read more