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Dodge City Pork Salame

6 oz
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Dodge City Pork Salame

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Approx. 6 oz

Embark on a sensory journey to Smoking Goose's roots with the Dodge City Pork Salame, a tribute to the vibrant original Indianapolis neighborhood where quality meets tradition. This pork salame is seasoned with aromatic fennel pollen and the subtle bite of pink peppercorns, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that awaken the palate. Delicate ribbon slices are perfect for dressing up a charcuterie board, where its robust flavor pairs delicately with the tang of citrus mostarda, the creamy richness of buffalo mozzarella, and the fresh, delicate taste of ricotta. It's also an impeccable match with the creamy pungency of blue cheese, buttery olives, or preserved mushrooms, bringing a touch of Smoking Goose's heritage to your table.

Ingredients: pork shoulder, pork fat, spices (sea salt, dextrose, garlic, black pepper, fennel pollen, pink peppercorns), vegetable powder (celery juice, sea salt), lactic acid starter cultures, natural beef casing

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Smoking Goose
Indianapolis, IN
Smoking Goose expertly crafts slow cured and smoked meats using old-world techniques. Based in Indianapolis, this artisan smokehouse sources from local farms committed to humane husbandry, with animals raised without antibiotics or hormones. Smoking Goose’s range includes unique, handcrafted salumi, sausages, and fresh cuts, offering distinctive flavors that elevate any meal.Read more